Company Profile

LIMOS, jointly owned by Tal Paz Ventures and Mr. Yigal Yarkoni, is a luxury brand of ITS, which has been in operation in Israel since 1988 and is one of the leading companies in Israel in the field of VIP services and transportation.

The company specializes in providing transportation services that meet Israeli and international standards in all the different kinds of vehicles and in the level of services given by the operational staff and the drivers.

The company supplies tour guides in “Eshkol” (Ministry of Tourism authorized) vehicles with drivers who speak different languages, VIP transportation and VIP hospitality services in Israel. The company has 60 employees and also operates dozens of subcontractors who work to its high standards and carry out thousands of trips every month!


LIMOS provides services around the clock at all hours, 24/7, including Saturdays, festivals and festival eves.

Our company takes pride in giving a comprehensive ensemble of services in a one-stop shop format; the varied service package enables our company to supply its customers with comprehensive solutions and to adapt a tailor made service package to every customer according to the special needs and requirements of each customer.

Some of the variety of supplementary services that the company offers:

  • Security services
  • Personal chauffeur
  • Luxury vehicle rental
  • Licensed tour guides
  • Tours and trips in the whole of Israel
  • Licensed tour guides
  • Transportation in accessible wheelchair-lift vehicles
  • VIP services from the airplane or passport control

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We serve: airlines, tourism operators, business people, leading companies, government and private customers.


Among our customers: the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Ritz-Carlton, KBY Productions, Ortal Tours, Aero Handling, the Sri Lankan Embassy, T&M, the Azrieli Group, and others …


Our fleet of vehicles consists of dozens of vehicles of different kinds including roomy “Eshkol” vehicles, sophisticated SUVs, vans with 7–11 seats, 14–20-seat minibuses, 55-seat buses and luxury official vehicles and taxis for VIPs.


Cutting-edge systems The following systems are installed in all the company’s vehicles:

  • Safe Drive, which makes it possible to monitor the driver’s driving for safe, quiet driving.
  • No Limits – a system that locates the vehicles in real time.
  • The Green Box system that prevents excessive fuel combustion and looks after the environment
  • Eco 5 saves fuel and keeps the world cleaner